Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Steampunk Fashion

Though Steampunk takes its cues from Victorian Britain, when it comes to fashion its more anything goes. Attend a Steampunk gathering and, yes, you will see top hats, corsets and bustles - and the almost eternal goggles - but the beauty of Steampunk is that you create your own look.

Steampunk fashion ignores the current obsession with size and so draws larger people of both genders. It's also blind to colour and sexual persuasion. In direct opposition to Victorian "values", Steampunk is inclusive and about being an individual.

A Steampunk gentleman in traditional attire,
but the rings add a touch of personality.

Steampunk is about imagining how the Industrial Revolution might have continued.
This lady wears wings that have a touch of da Vinci about them.

Steampunk also imagines how industry could affect everyday life.
Modifications such as this geared arm are popular in the genre.


  1. I love those wings!!! And her hair. Great examples of the fashion!

  2. The pictures are perfect and inspirational.