Monday, March 25, 2013

New to the database - Carina Press

Carina press so graciously gave us some details about their punk genre wishes -- see below a few comments from each editor:

Gina Bernal --
Seeking steampunk (both steampunk romance or steampunk with some romantic elements), especially stories set in unusual locales.

Mallory Braus --
I’m actively acquiring Steampunk—especially those that have a mystery or suspense edge. I would also be interested in acquiring other ‘punk’ niches.

Deborah Nemeth --
Although I’m actively acquiring all sorts of steampunk and cyberpunk fiction, I’m especially interested in acquiring Renaissance-set clockpunk, interwar period dieselpunk, and steampunk in Victorian and Edwardian settings.

Jeff Seymour --
I'm interested in pretty much any kind of "punk" genre. Steampunk, cyberpunk, dieselpunk, anypunkatall. One of my authors has what she calls a "witchpunk" book coming out in October (keep an eye out for it!). In terms of specific wishes, I love to see polished manuscripts with unpredictable plots and nuanced, not-your-average-hero/heroine characters. In a "punk" manuscript, I'm also really looking for an imaginative, "wouldn't-it-be-amazing-if-this-were-real" flair in the worldbuilding.

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