Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Our 4th Pen Punk

So yes, we've read this right. We're a rare breed so it took us some time but please give a punktastic welcome to


our 4th Pen Punk!!

::cue in applauds::

Now, here is a little about Lev:

"Lev is a scientist and artist hybrid, the result of many experiments trying to create a machine that produces art. None expected what would result. Science, with its wonderful curiosity about reality, and art, with its deep emotional investigation, created a powerful mind that is not quite human or computer.

Little did he know, cyberpunk was the life he experienced first-hand. After years of developing his mind, he began writing, and discovered Neuromancer. Thus began his journey into a realm of punk and mind, treating cognitive science and science fiction as a unified whole.

Lev exists within cyberspace, and can be found on Reddit and Twitter."

Kinda like that:

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  1. Welcome Lev. Excited to have another Punk on the list.