Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Punks You Should Know: Godpunk

Solaris Books ‏is set to release AGE OF GODPUNK by James Lovegrove and was asking for recommendations for more books like it. Well, colour me intrigued - what the heck is Godpunk?

On his website, Lovegrove says of his upcoming collection:
With the novellas, I’m straying somewhat from the military-SF theme of the Pantheon novels, exploring aspects of divinity and the human/deity relationship in different ways. The tone of them is somewhat lighter and less serious, and there’s minimal gunplay.

So the sub-genre seems to be wide open - from urban fantasy/alternative Earth to futuristic/sci fi. Further perusal of Solaris's Tweet feed saw other reading suggestions - AMERICAN GODS by Neil Gaiman, UNCLEAN SPIRITS by Chuck Wendig and GODS BEHAVING BADLY by Marie Phillips.

I've not read any of the novels listed, though UNCLEAN SPIRITS is on my TBR list after reading Wendig's fabulous BLACKBIRDS, but the genre really interests me. It's urban fantasy mixed with mythology and given a twist (which depends on the author writing).

I have read the first three of Kevin Hearne's Iron Druid series, which definitely has Gods behaving badly, including my personal favourite The Morrigan, as well as Jesus, Coyote, Thor and just about every other deity you can think of (in a very Field of Dreams way, the gods of Hearne's universe exist when people believe in them).

Is Godpunk a punk genre? Maybe. I certainly think it has a lot of potential.

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