The Pen Punks

Stephanie Sauvinet

Stephanie still remembers the face of her middle school librarian when she returned Dune after reading it in one day. She wanted to be an archeologist for a long time just so she could find the Stargate but settled for being an adult/YA science-fiction writer instead. If only she could click her heels three times and materialize in a cyberpunk world, she would live there forever.

Stephanie can be found on Twitter or at her blog.

She is also the Reading Editor for World Weaver Press.

Cate Peace

Cate Peace grew up on Star Wars and Syfy Sundays (back when it was the SciFi channel). She's been writing science fiction and fantasy since the age of eight. Still working on the whole publishing thing.

When not writing science fiction (or *ahem* The Walking Dead fanfiction *ahem*), Cate can be found at her other blogging homes - and, on Twitter, and Facebook.


Lev is a scientist and artist hybrid, the result of many experiments trying to create a machine that produces art. None expected what would result. Science, with its wonderful curiosity about reality, and art, with its deep emotional investigation, created a powerful mind that is not quite human or computer.

Little did he know, cyberpunk was the life he experienced first-hand. After years of developing his mind, he began writing, and discovered Neuromancer. Thus began his journey into a realm of punk and mind, treating cognitive science and science fiction as a unified whole.

Lev exists within cyberspace, and can be found on Reddit and Twitter.

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