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  • Jack Byrne - Sternig & Byrne Literary Agency


    "While I specialize in science fiction, fantasy and mystery, my tastes within those overall borders are quite undefined; within science fiction I'm open to e-queries (that's queries and not submissions) for anything from military SF to space opera to the "punks" you mentioned to…whatever.   If something grabs me (as both agent and reader) it grabs me; in fairness, I must tell you I'm not easily grabbed.
  • Shawna McCarthy - The McCarthy Literary Agency, LLC

"I enjoy all the punk subgenres, and would be open to submissions in any of them. The only wish list is that they be really cool, original ideas and well written!"
  • Jason Yarn - Paradigm  


    "I am open to most anything that would fall into a punk genre.  No particular wish list, but I think authors of steampunk really need to be in tune with the market and the fatigue of that genre expressed by editors/readers right now. Personally, I think it’s at the same level of fatigue as vampires and dystopias – and everyone is still buying that stuff, so it’s just about what unique spin is brought in to it. As with any genre submission, an author must have a solid grasp of their audience/market before submitting."
  • Eddie Schneider - JABberwocky Literary Agency


    "I am definitely open to punk genre submissions (and represent steampunk author Mark Hodder).
    I'm not sure if I've seen a punk (steam, cyber, bio, diesel) I didn't on some level like, but would prefer that a project within one of these genres be carving out its own path instead of being too middle-of-the-road (the gears should have some function, rather than just being glued on...)."
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  •  Laurie McLean - Foreword Literary

MG/YA/NA/Adult -- Seeking all punk genres.
"Projects from my clients must have stellar world building, characters that leap off the page, pacing that is relentless and a story that entices the reader to take its journey with the characters."
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MG/YA(heavy in romance)
"I'm interested in Steampunk and Cyberpunk, but I would be open to looking at others as well. Right now, I would love find MG or YA (YA that is heavy on romance). I'd love to see something that had to do with a competition (think Amazing Race), or something with a time travel element."

"I am open to submissions in any punk genre including cyberpunk, biopunk, oil punk, etc. The book must be 100% complete and roughly 100,000 words, but other than that - I'm looking for anything well-written with a unique story, engaging characters and effortless, organic world building."

  •  Robert Dinsdale of  Dinsdale Imber, working in association with AM Heath & Co.

Adult only.
"Steampunks - and the various other punks - are, of course, a little more niche than the epic fantasies of this world, but it's definitely something I'm looking for.
I'd look at any and every punk submission, and do always try and give some personal feedback wherever I can. The one thing I'd say is that, to truly succeed, a novel - even in this genre - has to be as much about the cultivation of a strong, unforgettable character, as it is about a new, original world."

"I am open to any kind of "punk." I specifically work in children's so anything from picture books to middle grade and young adult/new adult.
I like Victorian Steampunk of course, but am drawn to punk in other eras, such as feudal Japan for one. I am a big fan of the author Jay Kristoff."

Mallory Braus --
I’m actively acquiring Steampunk—especially those that have a mystery or suspense edge. I would also be interested in acquiring other ‘punk’ niches.

Jeff Seymour --
I'm interested in pretty much any kind of "punk" genre. Steampunk, cyberpunk, dieselpunk, anypunkatall. One of my authors has what she calls a "witchpunk" book coming out in October (keep an eye out for it!). In terms of specific wishes, I love to see polished manuscripts with unpredictable plots and nuanced, not-your-average-hero/heroine characters. In a "punk" manuscript, I'm also really looking for an imaginative, "wouldn't-it-be-amazing-if-this-were-real" flair in the worldbuilding.

 "We're currently open to anything from steampunk to cyberpunk, and we're actively seeking radiopunk/dieselpunk works.
We're particularly interested in thoughtful, well-written, exciting work that takes a fantastic spin on a well-known era - whether that spin be magical or technological in nature. We give preference to novels that have a well-developed sense of diversity (race, gender, sexuality, physical capacity, etc.), which means we're not really looking for steampunk that glorifies the colonialist nature of Victorian England, as a lot of the genre does these days.
Great characters and a great story are paramount; if a manuscript reels us in hook, line, and sinker, it doesn't matter what we're "actively seeking" - we'll be interested."
"We are definitely open to accepting queries for any and all 'punk' genres :) Previously we've published cyberpunk and steampunk and look forward to expanding further into the genre." 
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