"It so happens that I love many punk genres and am actively seeking MG, YA, NA, and adult punk submissions.  A bit about my interests for a profile below:
Steampunk is a huge favorite of mine and is somewhat the darling of the punk world at the moment. And while I love Victorian/Edwardian steampunk and can’t get enough of it, it’d be great to see that technology utilized in settings other than North America and England, but within the same time period.  I’m quite attracted to similar subgenres, particularly dieselpunk/decopunk and clockpunk – Doctor Who’s “The Girl in the Fireplace” comes to mind
Moving away the retro-futuristic genres, I do love great biopunk SF. I’m also interested in cyberpunk and “soft” nanopunk, as long as there’s an incredibly strong voice and multi-layered story arc.
I’d really love to acquire a mythpunk manuscript. There’s a special place in my heart for folklore and it’s a magical thing when authors can reshape and challenge our preconceived expectations of the stories that have been told for centuries.
I consider punk genres to be right up there with epic fantasy when it comes to imagination.  However, because the settings are so wondrous, it’s even more crucial that the conflict and other story elements don’t play second fiddle.  Fantastic world-building cannot be a crutch for one-dimensional characters or a lackluster plot."

  • Emmanuelle Morgen - Stonesong Literary Agency

    "I'd be happy to read submissions with steampunk, cyberpunk, or other similar themes, for either the children's or adult markets."
  • Paula Munier - Talcott Notch Literary Services, LLC


    "I'm looking for anything with the potential to transcend the genre! 
    That said, I prefer steampunk and cyber punk; bio anything is a hard sell right now. Always looking for good YA/New Adult in all categories."
"I'd like to see everything from picture books (but only author-illustrated), to middle grade, YA, New Adult, and adult. I want a great character-driven story and fantastic writing, which just so happens to be set in a Steampunk world."
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"I don't particularly have a wish list. I'm looking for well-written Steampunk fiction within any category- Victorian, set in a different country/century, in a fantasy realm, in the future, bio/cyber- with kick-ass characters, solid plot, and a lot of layers. It should also be a plot that hasn't already been published/done before." 

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"I love Steampunk."
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"Steampunks - and the various other punks - are, of course, a little more niche than the epic fantasies of this world, but it's definitely something I'm looking for.
I'd look at any and every punk submission, and do always try and give some personal feedback wherever I can. The one thing I'd say is that, to truly succeed, a novel - even in this genre - has to be as much about the cultivation of a strong, unforgettable character, as it is about a new, original world."

"I am open to any kind of "punk." I specifically work in children's so anything from picture books to middle grade and young adult/new adult.
I like Victorian Steampunk of course, but am drawn to punk in other eras, such as feudal Japan for one. I am a big fan of the author Jay Kristoff."

 "I'm interested in Steampunk and Cyberpunk, but I would be open to looking at others as well. Right now, I would love find MG or YA (YA that is heavy on romance). I'd love to see something that had to do with a competition (think Amazing Race), or something with a time travel element." 

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"I love science fiction and fantasy novels with rich, well-thought-out, historically informed settings.  However, I see a lot of steampunk novels, so submissions have to be really exceptional and innovative to stand out from the pack.  I would particularly love to see novels set in an altered version of early American history, before the Victorian era.  If your novel is a millpunk (I just made that up) set in nineteenth century Lowell, let's talk!" 

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    Gina Bernal --
    Seeking steampunk (both steampunk romance or steampunk with some romantic elements), especially stories set in unusual locales.
    Mallory Braus --
    I’m actively acquiring Steampunk—especially those that have a mystery or suspense edge. I would also be interested in acquiring other ‘punk’ niches.
    Deborah Nemeth --
    Although I’m actively acquiring all sorts of steampunk and cyberpunk fiction, I’m especially interested in acquiring Renaissance-set clockpunk, interwar period dieselpunk, and steampunk in Victorian and Edwardian settings.
    Jeff Seymour --
    I'm interested in pretty much any kind of "punk" genre. Steampunk, cyberpunk, dieselpunk, anypunkatall. One of my authors has what she calls a "witchpunk" book coming out in October (keep an eye out for it!). In terms of specific wishes, I love to see polished manuscripts with unpredictable plots and nuanced, not-your-average-hero/heroine characters. In a "punk" manuscript, I'm also really looking for an imaginative, "wouldn't-it-be-amazing-if-this-were-real" flair in the worldbuilding.

    From their March 6th wishlist  -- Steampunk and Gaslamp stories with strong romantic elements.
    "Right now we're interested in steampunk and biopunk with romance/romantic elements or erotic romance.
    The editors interested are Mara Katz, Ashley Christman, Diana Bocco, and Eden Plantz. (Mara Katz and Diana Bocco are not interested in biopunk or erotic romance).
    As far as wish lists, all stories must have strong characters who hold our attention, sizzling chemistry between the main characters, and we're particularly interested in Adult lit in these genres, not so much upper YA. "
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    Adult/YA -- Steampunk, Gaslight, ___punk.
    " It's all about voice and story. The two have to live in the same book."

    Steampunk, Cyberpunk and Ninjapunk
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     "We're currently open to anything from steampunk to cyberpunk, and we're actively seeking radiopunk/dieselpunk works.
    We're particularly interested in thoughtful, well-written, exciting work that takes a fantastic spin on a well-known era - whether that spin be magical or technological in nature. We give preference to novels that have a well-developed sense of diversity (race, gender, sexuality, physical capacity, etc.), which means we're not really looking for steampunk that glorifies the colonialist nature of Victorian England, as a lot of the genre does these days.
    Great characters and a great story are paramount; if a manuscript reels us in hook, line, and sinker, it doesn't matter what we're "actively seeking" - we'll be interested."
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    "We would absolutely love to see more well-written steampunk and science-based-anything-punk in our inbox (more steam, more SF). We like strong heroines, not fainting females. However, the writer needs to make it physically believable: I've read too many manuscripts with a heroine in corset and full taffeta skirt karate chopping bad guys like she's Buffy -- I've worn a corset before and there was no high kicking (at least not of the variety accurate enough to land in a vampire's face) and there certainly wasn't any rolling on the ground then springing lightly to my feet."
    "We are seeking both adult and young adult manuscripts. Cyberpunk, steampunk, biopunk, and nanopunk would all be acceptable to us, as long as the specific manuscripts submitted fall outside the bounds of our world today. If you're stretching technological theories with biopunk or nanopunk, that would suit us. I think most, if not all, cyberpunk and steampunk would be acceptable.
    We're currently open to speculative novels that fall outside the bounds of our current reality. We generally look for stories with strong writing and solid pacing, where the story direction is clear early in the manuscript.
    Our general submissions email address is the best address for any type of submissions. However, it would be helpful if you'd put the particular subgenre in the query email."
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    "We are definitely open to accepting queries for any and all 'punk' genres :) Previously we've published cyberpunk and steampunk and look forward to expanding further into the genre."

    J. Eilen Smith --
    "I tend to lean towards a historical steam punky mystery kinda thing but that's only because the mystery genre is what I like most right now in my own personal reading. But a good steampunk adventure works wonders too. Basically, if it's a good, well plotted story, we're open to looking at it."

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