Database Info

We've organized the database per genre. You will find the three main categories of Steampunk, Cyberpunk, Biopunk as those genres have been mentioned multiple times by agents/editors/publishers.

We also have an "All punk genre" tab for a list of people interested in ANY and ALL types of punk.

Lastly, our Miscellaneous tab covers all the other punk genres mentioned, right now: oilpunk, nanopunk, ninjapunk, radiopunk and dieselpunk.

Click on  their agency/publishing house name to find their official website. We've also added the various social media (twitter, blog, facebook etc.) affiliated with each agent/editor/publisher.

Make sure to check each person's profile and submission guidelines before submitting. We are working on getting more specific wishlist so come back often to check for updates!

It seems that our drop down menu does not work for IE (we're working on fixing this issue) so you can also find the pages by clicking on the links below:





All Punk Genres 


  1. This is very cool! One suggestion... it would be helpful to have it organized by agents and publishers too. Also, I didn't see Curiosity Quills listed, but they're interested in steampunk and other sci-fi ( ).

    1. Great idea for breaking it down further. Will work on mastering another level of CSS to split the drop down menu more lol.
      Will check out Curiosity Quills and add it !