"It so happens that I love many punk genres and am actively seeking MG, YA, NA, and adult punk submissions.  A bit about my interests for a profile below:
Steampunk is a huge favorite of mine and is somewhat the darling of the punk world at the moment. And while I love Victorian/Edwardian steampunk and can’t get enough of it, it’d be great to see that technology utilized in settings other than North America and England, but within the same time period.  I’m quite attracted to similar subgenres, particularly dieselpunk/decopunk and clockpunk – Doctor Who’s “The Girl in the Fireplace” comes to mind
Moving away the retro-futuristic genres, I do love great biopunk SF. I’m also interested in cyberpunk and “soft” nanopunk, as long as there’s an incredibly strong voice and multi-layered story arc.
I’d really love to acquire a mythpunk manuscript. There’s a special place in my heart for folklore and it’s a magical thing when authors can reshape and challenge our preconceived expectations of the stories that have been told for centuries.
I consider punk genres to be right up there with epic fantasy when it comes to imagination.  However, because the settings are so wondrous, it’s even more crucial that the conflict and other story elements don’t play second fiddle.  Fantastic world-building cannot be a crutch for one-dimensional characters or a lackluster plot."

"I am open to submissions in any punk genre including cyberpunk, biopunk, oil punk, etc. The book must be 100% complete and roughly 100,000 words, but other than that - I'm looking for anything well-written with a unique story, engaging characters and effortless, organic world building."
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Deborah Nemeth --
Although I’m actively acquiring all sorts of steampunk and cyberpunk fiction, I’m especially interested in acquiring Renaissance-set clockpunk, interwar period dieselpunk, and steampunk in Victorian and Edwardian settings.

Jeff Seymour --
I'm interested in pretty much any kind of "punk" genre. Steampunk, cyberpunk, dieselpunk, anypunkatall. One of my authors has what she calls a "witchpunk" book coming out in October (keep an eye out for it!). In terms of specific wishes, I love to see polished manuscripts with unpredictable plots and nuanced, not-your-average-hero/heroine characters. In a "punk" manuscript, I'm also really looking for an imaginative, "wouldn't-it-be-amazing-if-this-were-real" flair in the worldbuilding.

 "We're currently open to anything from steampunk to cyberpunk, and we're actively seeking radiopunk/dieselpunk works.
We're particularly interested in thoughtful, well-written, exciting work that takes a fantastic spin on a well-known era - whether that spin be magical or technological in nature. We give preference to novels that have a well-developed sense of diversity (race, gender, sexuality, physical capacity, etc.), which means we're not really looking for steampunk that glorifies the colonialist nature of Victorian England, as a lot of the genre does these days.
Great characters and a great story are paramount; if a manuscript reels us in hook, line, and sinker, it doesn't matter what we're "actively seeking" - we'll be interested."

Steampunk, Cyberpunk and Ninjapunk
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"We are seeking both adult and young adult manuscripts. Cyberpunk, steampunk, biopunk, and nanopunk would all be acceptable to us, as long as the specific manuscripts submitted fall outside the bounds of our world today. If you're stretching technological theories with biopunk or nanopunk, that would suit us. I think most, if not all, cyberpunk and steampunk would be acceptable.

We're currently open to speculative novels that fall outside the bounds of our current reality. We generally look for stories with strong writing and solid pacing, where the story direction is clear
early in the manuscript.

Our general submissions email address is the best address for any type of submissions. However, it would be helpful if you'd put the particular subgenre in the query email."
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